Reviving an old Pet Project

When I was younger I used to collect all sorts of legacy hardware from flee markets, yard sales and the likes. I built a formidable retro computer and game console collection. This has become very hard nowadays because 1) it is really hard to still find anything and 2) I don’t have enough storage space.

I recently went through a list of my precious collection items and while doing so got inspired to dig up an old pet project of mine that I last worked on five years ago.

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Test Supported Development

As developers we often need to implement complex workflows. Test-driven development is a good way to develop that business logic in a safe way, but often I find its process a bit too dogmatic. My way of coding is sometimes more exploratory and it feels tedious to write all the unit tests before, run them, see them fail, code, rinse and repeat… In this post I present my take on writing complex business logic code with 100% unit test coverage, which I call Test Supported Development.

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Instantiating Images with Swift Property Wrappers

When instatiating a UIImage in code we usually write something like this:

let myImage = UIImage(named: "myImage")

Easy enough, but often times we need to reuse the same image multiple times in our code base. Copying and pasting the same initializer over and over again is painful and error prone. This post explores a way to improve this by using a Swift property wrapper.

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